If you haven't heard of Wim Hof, envision a well-aged dutch man with dark features, in peak physical condition leaping headfirst into ice water and staying there for what seems like an eternity. His methods are a bit unconventional but the results his program brings are incredible.

Taking cold showers has been shown to have innumerable health benefits. Among them you will commonly find:

  • Wake up the central nervous system
  • Refine and strengthen hair and skin
  • Improve circulation
  • Stimulate fat loss
  • Ease stress
  • Relieves depression

What you will not commonly find, and what we can all thank Mr. Hof for is the discovery is that routinely bathing in cold water helps control core temperature in adverse conditions. The Dutch Daredevil demonstrated this by immersing himself in a chamber filled with ice cubes and maintaining a normal, even warm core temperature.

This week's challenge is to take at least three (3) "Wim Hof Method" showers this week.

Follow these instructions from the master himself to learn how Wim Hof pairs meditational breathing with cold water therapy to produce some incredible results. Pretty soon, you too may be diving into a pool of glacier run off. Ok maybe not, but you may feel better.

So take a deep breath and jump in. Our team did this week and this was the result:

"I have been doing the breathing and cold shower program for about 12 weeks now. The science claims a lot of benefits, such as transferring white fat into brown fat to improve fat loss during workouts, lower resting heart rate, higher energy levels, better tolerance of extreme temperatures and improved mood, among many others. While I haven't been able keeping track in a scientific manner, over the 10 weeks I have definitely seen an improvement in my mood and energy levels. The cold showers have allowed me to cut my coffee intake in half. Although we're headed into winter, I anticipate keeping the cold showers as a part of my normal routine." Chip Malt

"After going to the gym and feeling pretty wiped out, I decided to take on the cold shower challenge. At first I was hesitant but it felt great after. I was definitely more awake and rejuvenated!" Jen Pignone 

"I’m currently training for a marathon for the first time which means waking up at crazy hours in the morning to go run in the dark with a head light.  As if that wasn’t crazy enough—this week I came back and instead of the warm shower greeting this week I kept the commitment to cold shower. No matter how many times I have done this I have to get my courage up every time. 'Do something every day that scares you.' Its not the first time I’ve followed the cold shower routine and the short story is —I’m a believer, it just requires some serious hopping during the first 15 seconds. Great way to wake the nervous system and start the day." Nate Checketts

"Traditional Korean bathhouses have multiple tubs of varying temperatures of water that you are supposed to submerge your entire body in except your head. Basically, there's the extremely freezing cold, warm & super hot. You're supposed to first enter the super hot tub, then carefully submerge into the extremely freezing cold tub, then repeat if needed, because it's supposed to be good for you.
I never have a problem going into the super hot ones, but the extremely freezing cold ones, I usually pretend it's not there.
I always like very hot temperature showers, regardless of the weather outside, so this experience was a tough one for me, no doubt! So I couldn't quite make it to three times, to be honest, but I tried the cold shower twice.
First time, I thought would be easiest after some good intense exercise when I feel like I can use a cold shower, but actually to my surprise, I couldn't follow through long enough, so I ended up taking a lukewarm shower instead.
Second time, I tried the cold shower as per advice of Wim Hof method of the last 15-30 seconds being a cold shower. Those 30 seconds felt longer than usual, but afterwards, I did feel a bit more rejuvenated, refreshed & alert.
This experience to me was a mind over matter kind of situation, that I would like to challenge myself to try again!" Nicole Ahn-Rhee

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