I heard something the other day on a podcast that really got my attention. The host was speaking on the distressing state of the Nation as evidenced by increasing bi-partisan nature of our political system and the vitriol with which both sides approach "fact finding."

The statement that really got me thinking said something like "In an age where the answer to any question can be accessed so easily, it seems as though no one knows or rather, no one wants to know fact from fiction."

The internet has provided us with more information and access than ever before. The speed and volume at which we communicate, discover and explore various channels of information is, in a word, impressive. A veritable double-edged sword, the internet also features a wide stream of discrimination, abuse and degrading content.

That's why this week we have the best of what's around, all in one place that is easily accessible, shareable and memorable. Our challenge is more of a recommendation this week, so without further adieu...

We invite you to watch and share one (or more) of these uplifting Ted talks. 

Pretty simple right? Below you will find eight (8) of our favorite Ted talks with a brief synopsis and the author of the talk.

1. Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are by Amy Cuddy - A social psychologist makes that case that owning a crowd or room has nothing to do with what you say.

2. Learn Anything, Smash Fear by Tim Ferris - What's the worst that could happen? A question that freezes us but in reality could be the secret to properly analyzing fear and going for it.

3. A Call to Men by Tony Porter - An essential for all men, this talk explores the damage that the command 'Act like a man' can have on the male psyche.

4. Where Good Ideas Come From by Steven Johnson - Moments of brilliance come to everyone differently, but Johnson gives a tip for making the extraordinary ideas an everyday practice.

5. How to Make Stress Your Friend by Kelly McGonigal - Stress is often sited as the leafing cause of cancer, obesity and divorce. But could you change your mind to make it your best friend and a source of motivation?

6. The Surprising Science of Happiness by Dan Gilbert - The famed psychology professor from Harvard makes the case that our brains are "systematically programmed" to misjudge what will make us happy.

7. Claim Your Manspace by Sam Martin - Author and hobby horse, Sam Martin explores the quirky world of 'Manspaces' and how they can be created on a budget. 

8. The Mystery Box by JJ Abrams - Director, producer and poster boy for the nerd movement, JJ Abrams tells us about the one thing that keeps him chasing his dreams.

So watch, share and please enjoy!

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