Fill in the blank, reading is ______.

Based on your answer, you may fall into or between one of three categories:

1. You abhor reading - You may have been assigned "The Crucible" or force fed Homer's "The Iliad" in High School and left with a sour taste about the act of reading. When you arrived on a College campus, you searched high and low for a major with little to no literature, it was text books or bust for you.

2. You're indifferent about reading - This category is generally reserved for the people who settle into an Air BNB, look for wi-fi only to find the connection spotty and glance down to see that book they bought 6 months ago. They pick it up, turn it over and then remember that there is a thing on TV and quickly put it down and turn on Thursday night football.

3. You Love to Read - These people devour books in any and every form. Audio? Check. Kindle? Yes! Hard copy? Archaic but who doesn't love a romantic. They can best be portrayed by nerd emoji's and always work their latest reads into a conversation about something completely unrelated. For example:

Guy 1: Did you watch the debate last night?

Guy 2: Yeah, it reminded me of this book that I recently read called "The Yak Train" where in a dystopian future yaks-human hybrids rule the world that is largely made up of underground train tracks. All of the sudden the trains begin to vanish and it is discovered that a race of mole people has organized a rebellion led by a rogue Yak-man named..."

Guy 1: Please don't finish. I will never read this book or see the inevitable trilogy that will be made. 

Wherever you find yourself on this sliding scale, everybody knows that the world could do with a lot more reading and a lot less...well...everything else. That is why this week we are challenging you this week to get yourself a gold star and just READ IT!

Week 3 Challenge - Finish that book that has been sitting half finished for the last year or start that exciting new book that you’ve been meaning to read.

Reporting in is our internal team who has been a bunch of book-worms all week!

"The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins - I’ve been meaning to finally read it and now need to push myself so I can finish it before I see the movie" Marisa, Grimshaw Director of Communications

"I finally finished a book that has been like pulling teeth to finish since the beginning of August. It is from one of my favorite summertime authors Elin Hilderbrand, Here’s to Us. I finished it last week just in time to begin a new book I have been anxiously waiting to read by Baron Baptiste titled Being of Power. I have a standing rule that I need to finish one book before starting a new one." Laura Romano, Account Executive

"I finally started a book that was given to me months ago called Ego is the Enemy by Ryan Holiday. I would highly recommend it." Ben Checketts, Director of Brand

"My father Shane Connaughton is a well-known Irish playwright, actor, novelist, and Academy Award-nominated screenwriter. So even though I’m a speed-reading insomniac, I’m shamefully embarrassed to say that I haven’t read all his work. This week, inspired by the 12 Weeks of Rhone, I read two of his books: The Run of the Country and Big Parts. Both were amazing and highly-recommended reads." Pierre Kim, SVP Product, Development and Sourcing

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