The 12 Weeks of Rhone rolls on and this week the challenge just may give you the push you need to jump out of your comfort zone.

When you were a kid you probably had dreams, lots of dreams, about what you would do when you were older. Traveling to strange places, eating whatever and whenever you wanted or simply walking into a store with a wishlist and walking out with a giant bank.

This week we invite you to take that leap of faith.

Book that trip you've always wanted to take and get a friend to go with you. Buy those concert tickets and finally see that one band you love. Get up at an open mic and try your chops at stand up comedy. Sign up for banjo lessons. Ask your boss for a raise. Propose to the person that makes you better.

Whatever it is, just close your eyes and jump.

To borrow a line from one of our favorite books, “Sometimes all you need is twenty seconds of insane courage. Just literally twenty seconds of just embarrassing bravery. And I promise you, something great will come of it.”

Spontaneity is dead. Face it. Tethered to our smartphones, we can instantly look up the best rated Thai place in the neighborhood, call a car right to our door and be there within a few minutes.

But this week, read no reviews and consult no blogs. Just get up and go. We promise you something great will come of it. Could be something that will be funny down the road or something that makes you super nervous to ever try again but something will happen. 

As you can expect, the same challenge was issued to our team and here was the result:

"A friend was stationed in Mexico City for a year for Deliotte and his contract ended up getting extended way longer than he had original thought. I’d be meaning to try and get down there and visit him over a weekend, so I finally got my calendar in order and booked my first trip to Mexico. Vamanos" Chip Malt, Director of Digital Growth

"A friend of mine reached out to me this week just to say hi and catch up. After telling her about my upcoming travel plans , she immediately offered to fly out to one of the locations to meet me for the weekend. We talked about it on Monday and booked our trip on Tuesday. These last minute, thrown together plans are what keeps life and friendships exciting. For me, spontaneity creates a chance to break your normal routine." Jen Pignone, Events Coordinator

"A few of my closest friends and I try to take a girls trip each year. It doesn’t have to be anything extravagant or expensive, it’s just meant to be a few days where we all unplug and take time to catch up with one another and have fun. We’ve all been putting off the planning on this due to work and personal schedules, but this weekend we finally picked a few days in the Spring to all vacation together in Austin, TX. It felt great just to get this trip on the calendar and have an exciting weekend to look forward to with some of my favorite people!" Marisa Grimshaw, Director of Communications

"When I was younger, it was much easier to live a spontaneous life. Growing up in NYC, we’d often drive down to Philly after a soccer game to load up on cheese steaks. In college at UC-Berkeley, at the first hint of a snowstorm, I’d pack my skis and head up to Tahoe before they closed all the highways. For Spring breaks, instead of gallivanting with friends, I’d wait until the last possible minute to find a cheap fare and then go on a solo hiking trip to Greece or a fishing trip to Argentina.

Things didn’t change much when I was in my 20’s. After a breakup with a girlfriend, I remember taking a spontaneous road trip down to Memphis to pray at the altar of Graceland. Last-minute weekend trips from NYC to Miami were a given. Having friends who lived all over the world always provided opportunities to reconnect with them at a moment’s notice. And because my job took me to some of the most far-flung reaches of the planet, I always tacked on a few days for some uncharted adventures: exploring the temples of Angkor Wat, trekking the bazaars of Mumbai, or exploring the Great Wall of China. In fact, some of my fondest memories were made in the most unlikely of places, further proof that spontaneity is often more rewarding than staying on the beaten path. 

Fast forward to the present day. I’ve got a wife, three young kids, and a mortgage. Spontaneity is still a part of my life but in a much smaller, much quieter, and often more meaningful way. On a nice warm day, I’ll gather everyone for a walk down to Battery Park where we’ll grab Shake Shack burgers and sit by the river and have a picnic. Sometimes, my wife and I will leave work early so we can surprise the kids at school and take them for an impromptu ice cream party. Or we’ll jump in the car and head upstate to take a family hike, visit the outdoor art installations at Storm King, or go apple picking at an orchard.

This week, inspired by the 12 Weeks of Rhone, I’ve booked a family trip to Jamaica over President’s Week. I’m keeping it a secret from all of them. I haven’t even told my wife. The night before our departure, I’m going to surprise them with the news that we’ll be spending the week snorkeling, deep-sea fishing, surfing, and frolicking in the ocean. I can’t wait to see the looks on their faces." Pierre Kim, SVP of Product

"During our meeting with a partner retail team, we were discussing the pop-up stores that we are rolling out it was determined that the floor sets would need to be changed out on Sunday and Monday night at two specific locations in Southern California. My counterpart at the partner company and I looked at each other and I said "I'll fly out for that, I love late night sessions." He said he would reroute his trip from Vancouver to LA and so did his co-worker. Last minute trip to Cali in a couple weeks to build floor sets and install all of the Rhone product." Kyle McClure, Creative Director

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