Working up a sweat on the 4th of July has classically been achieved through the over-consumption of red meat, but this year is going to be different. Sure. You have the day off of work and will likely eat your weight in watermelon later on in the day, but why not start it off right with a simple 4 move workout from your friends at Rhone.

This workout:

  • Will burn a ton of calories
  • Requires little to no equipment
  • Shouldn’t take longer than 20 mins.
  • Will honor the memory of our founding fathers who won our independence through their own sweat and effort (a bit of stretch? Maybe, but just go with it).

First, let’s talk about the movements. The workout outlined only features 4 movements, but as with any workout you should have a good 10 min general warm-up that works up a decent sweat and gets your heart rate elevated. Then, stretch or foam roll any tight areas prior to jumping straight in.

The format of this workout will follow a Tabata protocol, meaning you will be doing 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest, repeated for eight rounds of each movement. It’s always tempting to cheat form for numbers, but stay strict to avoid injury and ensure the work is being done properly.

#1 Alternating Jump Lunge

How to do it: Start in a lunge position with your dominant foot forward, keep your torso upright and your front knee at about a 90° angle. Pushing off both legs, jump explosively into the air and switch feet so that your dominant foot come forward and your dominant leg goes back into the rear position. Sink down until your rear knee almost touches the ground and then repeat the switch.

Things to think about: Avoid putting your hands on your hips - It’s a common cue and a lot of people do it, but you are robbing your core and hips of some work. Try for air - the more explosive the jump, the harder this move will be. Don’t let your front knee come over your toe - this is a common (and a good) cue for lunging which holds true here.

#2 Push-Up

How to do it: You may be rolling your eyes but humor me for a second. There is a good chance that you may not know how to do a proper push-up. If you do, carry on. But if you don’t, read this excellent article by Men’s Health which gives you 10 secrets to the perfect push-up.

Basically, you want to screw your hands into the floor, pull your arms into your sides and send your elbows back.

Things to think about: Form first, numbers later. The push-up is rightly esteemed a mainstay of upper body workouts, but must be completed properly! Finish the 20 - if you can’t do push-ups for the entire working set, hold plank position until the 10 seconds of rest.

#3 Air Squats

How to do it: There are a million and one cues to do a perfect squat, but here’s the most important stuff. Toes should be hip width, hold your chest up, send your hips back, fight your knees from passing over your toes and get below parallel if you can.

Things to think about: Again, form is everything. There’s no weight here so you should be able to move fast, but make sure you are moving with perfect form. Set a goal - Pick a lofty target for reps and bust your butt to get there on every set. Sure you can squat 300 lbs, but can you do 200 squats in 4 minutes and do them well?

#4 Bicycle Crunches

How to do it: Lay on your back with your hands behind your head and your knees pulled towards your chest. Fully extend one leg while keeping the other bent in towards your chest. Twist your abdomen toward the bent leg and then switch, straightening the bent leg and bring the straightened leg.

Things to think about: Can’t work? Hold - If you find you’ve hit your threshold for ab pain by round 4, hold both legs out just above the ground and use your hands to balance for the :20 work interval. Squeeze each rep - You will get out what you put in here. Slow down and really tighten your abdomen with each rep.


There you have it. 4 moves for a total body blast perfectly suited for an early sweat on the 4th of July. Happy Independence Day from your friends at Rhone!

Ben Checketts is the director of brand for Rhone. A dedicated husband and father of two, Ben is always on the hunt for good hikes, new workouts, and the perfect ice cream.