The technology and fitness worlds are finally starting to mesh together and in doing so, they are creating some innovative applications to shake up your workout! Considering we live in a world where we are attached to our phones, it makes sense to put them to good use and find ways in which we can improve the more active side of our lives. This week, we rounded up five of the best fitness applications to download today to better your exercise routine.

Charity Miles (Apple, Android)  

Charity Miles hopes to motivate users to workout by tracking movement and donating to charity. Once this app is downloaded onto your smart phone, it tracks your activity in order to raise money to give to various charities. Simply turn on the app, choose the charity for your session, and enjoy your exercise while your phone’s GPS tracks your movements. Every mile achieved through walking or running is 25 cents toward charity, while each mile from biking is 10 cents. The application boasts over thirty charities to choose from, including World Wildlife Fund, Habitat for Humanity, and The Nature Conservancy.  

Sworkit (Apple, Android)

Sworkit is like a personal trainer in your pocket. It was deemed one of the best applications in terms of alignment with the American College of Sports Medicine’s training guidelines by various sports scientists. The app interface poses four options: yoga, stretching, cardio, and strength. Users do not need any equipment to do the exercises, which creates extra flexibility to be able to do these workouts from absolutely anywhere. Users pick the workout they want and then can choose how much time they have on their hands. The window that is shown while actually doing the workout is an animation which displays exactly how to complete the exercise. If using an iPhone, this app can be connected to Apple’s Health app to track overall progress, or users can track their progress from the app’s interface. Lastly, users can group their favorite exercises together to create a custom list of movements they would like to do.

Yonder (Apple, Android)

Yonder allows adventurous users to discover new places to workout, climb, and explore. Yonder also prides itself on its interactive aspect, which lets users rate places they visited for future downloaders of the app. The app allows users to search for new adventures in a multitude of different ways: by searching for location, other users, tags, and activity. Outdoor pursuits featured include camping, surfing, horseback riding, skiing, and more. It helps minimize boredom so that wherever you are, you can always see great sights and spend time outside!

Jefit (Apple, Android) 

Jefit is one of the few very data heavy workout apps. It analyzes workout progress and records various numbers, including your weight, reps, and time. It processes this information in order to better your workouts, for which the app has a library of different exercises stored and tailors it to your needs. The app constantly keeps track of everything the user does while it is on, ensuring that if at any moment the user wants to check their progress, it is easy to do so. The application also has an interactive aspect in that fitness lovers can also upload their own self-created workout ideas. Thus, users can try all sorts of different programs to find the best customized workout plan for them. Jefit also prides itself on its synchronizing aspect, in which workout data recorded on the app can easily be transferred to a computer so users can store all of their progress. Users can also link up with their friends and compete for the best workout and most progress - a motivating tool to get going and do more!

Spring Moves (Apple) 

This app, which the founders describe as pandora meets fitbit, is a collection of music by professional DJs and and music lovers who were on the hunt the best music to workout to. Spring Moves allows for users to curate their own playlists or let the app’s algorithms do the work, tracking workouts and aligning music with it. The goal is to synchronize music to your movement, whether it be walking, running, or jogging, to ensure a more energizing and rewarding workout. It has been found that when music is matched to workout speed, endurance is increased by up to 15%. This, in effect, creates a happier workout that will power you to keep going beyond your limits!

Jun 23, 2016 | HEALTH