Here at Rhone, we're obsessed with limes, but mostly for one reason - they're not lemons.

In honor of our annual Lime Day, here are a few health benefits of limes that are tried and true (mostly).

They’re better than lemons.

Let's just start off with what we all know to be true. Limes are better.

Lemons and limes have very similar nutritional benefits, however, limes (key limes in particular) are created through less hybridization. Hybridization occurs when two or more plants of the a similar species cross pollinate, and often, nutritional value can be lost. Lemons are made from three plants, while most limes are grown from two. Based on hybridization alone, limes are the way to go.

They prevent scurvy.

You’re likely not going to get scurvy unless you go on a poorly planned sea-expedition, but a man should always be prepared. Sir James Lind, a Scottish Naval surgeon in the 18th century discovered that citrus fruits were a cure for scurvy. Limes in particular were cheap and abundant in British colonies in Jamaica, resulting in a quota consumption of lime juice for sailors.

They can help against diabetes.

Limes have high levels of soluble fiber and a low glycemic index, which help regulate the body’s absorption of sugar in the bloodstream and won’t spike glucose levels. Less sugar spikes means less risks for diabetics. Drink that lime water!

They can help you get a date...if you're in high school.

At least, it worked for redditor Schowzy, also known as Michael. And people who date are typically healthier people.

They taste delicious.

Yeah, okay. Technically, not a health benefit, but a benefit nonetheless. Especially if you try them with these Miracle Berries, which trick your taste buds into thinking everything sour is sweet. You can even drink vinegar. 10/10 recommend this party trick.

They can help you lose weight.

Last but not least, a glass of warm water with a whole lime’s worth of juice contains citric acid which burns fat. Again, drink that lime water! 

Happy Lime Day!


M.H. Shepherd is a writer, a strong consumer of Indian food, a redhead, and has a passion for finding adventure in the mundane. She loves her 1984 Chrysler Laser and being a part of the team at Rhone.