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Generally speaking, most guys like gifts, but don’t know what they like, so it’s hard to know what to give. Who wants to give yet another mug or set of coasters? Who wants to receive another mug or set of coasters?

As employees at Rhone, a premium men's activewear company, all of us are on the lookout for cutting-edge tech, quality products, life made better by better gear - products that are an experience, not just an item. We imagine our readers likely have similar passions.

Whether you don’t know what to give for this holiday season, or what you want to get, this list is the ultimate quality gift guide for you.

Hyperice Vyper 2.0 Roller

"Foam rollers are seemingly everywhere these days and honestly, while they definitely seem to be effective, they are pretty basic. Hyperice took a fairly typical foam roller and gave it a supercharged V6 engine, leather seats and cupholders to boot. Ok, well they didn’t do that but they did add their patented vibration technology with 3 distinct amplitudes and a German-engineered shell for deeper muscle activation. Dubbed “The Best Foam Roller in the World.” this tool is an absolute must-have for the guy serious about fitness and recovery."

Ben, VP of Brand, Rhone. 

Minimalist Ridge Wallet

"I recently found the Ridge Wallet and it’s quickly become a product I can’t share enough with family and friends. The Ridge is a minimalist, front-pocket wallet made from metal or other tough materials. I like the simple, sturdy design and feel of this wallet but I really love the functionality. With room for up to 12 cards, RFID blocking, a money clip for those times you want to carry a little green paper; it does everything. It even has a lifetime warranty so you never have to worry about it. If you are tired of your bulky, traditional wallet and want a product that can easily go everywhere you do, the Ridge Wallet is for you."

J.T., VP of Planning and Data Science, Rhone.

ENSO Rings

"Have you ever seen a finger avulsion? Well if you haven’t, you shouldn’t. Do not go and search this in Google images. Seriously. What the @#$% man? I told you not to. It’s gross and not to be a fear monger, but it could happen to you. Wedding rings symbolize many things like love, devotion and a signal to other interested parties to stand down. But what they should not represent is a potentially devastating finger injury that occurs when a metal or ceramic ring gets caught and essentially rips the muscles, connective tissue and skin from your finger. It happens ALL THE TIME. Enso is looking to fix that with their super comfortable silicon rings that are a safe and handsome solution to this increasingly common problem. I have one, wear it all the time, and it looks great."

Ben, VP of Brand, Rhone. 

While this post is NOT sponsored, ENSO is offering an exclusive discount to our readers. Use the code RHONE15 at checkout for 15% off your ENSO order. Valid until 1/7/18.

Oars + Alps

"My problem with personal care products is that you have to choose between natural ingredients and stuff that actually works. Oars + Alps is looking to fix that by bringing a line of naturally sourced soaps, lotions, and deodorants designed specifically for men. The exfoliating soap smells fresh and leaves your skin feeling clean and smooth. The deodorant was also lightly scented which is a nice change from the big box brands which leave you smelling like a character from Miami Vice. In addition, they are the only men's brand that features a solid face wash that won't spill all over your gym bag. Overall, I love that they use natural ingredients but I am more impressed that the products actually work and work remarkably well."

J.T., VP of Planning and Data Science, Rhone. 

Vi - AI Personal Trainer

"I’ll admit I was hesitant to having a computer simulation in my ear nagging me about my ever slowing pace, (much like how my Nike watch was always telling me “it's been awhile since your last run" I know. Vi is a pleasantly different experience altogether. She appropriately pauses my workout while I wait for a street signal or run into a friend and chit-chat. The app lets you pick your own pace and goal, and she'll push you to do it. Her voice is natural and intelligent. And the noise, noise, noise, noise! Vi is built into a powerful pair of Harmon Kardon headphones and the sound is crisp and rich, with just the right amount of supportive bass. I’ve had headphones in the past that didn’t have the power to support louder volumes levels, this is not a problem for VI.

Vi is a must have for those who care to track and record their running stats, health vitals, or attain a certain running goal. Whether a beginner or advanced runner, there is value in the personalization and motivation that VI offers."

Tyler, Graphic Designer, Rhone. 

Eboost Prime Protein Powder

"So recently I turned 30 and have started to have a lot of “trouble” with protein powders and by “trouble” I mean “digestive trouble” and by “digestive trouble” I mean…well…I think you get the picture. Resigned to life without protein powders, I had given up hope. But then our friends over at Eboost sent us a sample of their new Prime Protein Powder. Each serving (2 medium scoops) has 25g of Grass-Fed Whey, 5g Probiotic Fiber, 1 Billion CFU probiotics and a digestive enzyme blend. Now a powder with that much power couldn’t possibly taste good, right? Wrong. Both the naturally flavored vanilla and chocolate flavors were delicious, they blended well, went down easy and did not trouble my waters. Honestly, a perfect protein powder."

Ben, VP of Brand, Rhone. 

While this post is NOT sponsored, Eboost is giving an exclusive discount to our readers. Use the code RHONE at checkout for 20% off your first full-size EBOOST order or try one of their sample kits.

Taft Shoes

"I love these shoes because they are truly unique. They are handcrafted in Spain and the quality is phenomenal. I’m a big fan of functionality, so I love they how versatile they are…I wear them in a lot of different settings - work, playing outside with my kids, date night with my wife etc. etc. etc. Definitely recommend."

Adam, SVP of Advertising, Rhone. 

Commuter Pant

"I might be a little biased here, but I couldn't not mention one of my favorite products of the entire year: The Rhone Commuter Pant. It's a game-changer. There's finally a pair of pants that is my go-to for every occasion. I wear these puppies to work, hanging around the house, on evening walks with the fam, to sleep, and everywhere in between. I'm not saying I'll never wear anything else, but with 3 or 4 pairs of these in my closet, why would I need to? The only downside is that my wife gets a little jealous with all the heads I'm turning. They look AND feel amazing!"

Zach, Head of Accounting, Rhone. 

Revolution 3-in-1 Balance Board 

"You know how everyone goes through a phase where they buy a ton of at-home gym equipment, use it for a month, and then it gathers dust in the corner? Well, this is an item that you'll actually use. It's versatile, functional, and attractively built balance board. REVOLUTION took your regular balance board and made options on options, including special ones for surfers or advanced skateboarders. Just by standing on the 3-in-1 and maintaining balance, you're working your core. It's harder than it looks and worth it."

Mandy, Content Manager, Rhone.  


"Hotel gyms really get me angry. Congrats, you put a few dumbbells and 17 ellipticals into a 40 square foot laundry room. Are you trying to convince me to stay in my hotel room, eat takeout Thai food, and watch Rizzoli & Isles??? Because I’ll do it, I swear. Monkii is changing the game with their unbelievably portable, easy to use Monkii Bars 2.0. They are basically a full-on TRX system that hooks up to the back of your door or any stable overhead support (like a playground, tree branch or basketball standard) and will give you one heck of a workout. They fold up into a neat little package, have no frustrating parts and come with an app full of ideas on how to get a good workout on the road. Don’t pay the day fee, don’t settle for terrible hotel gyms, get these and thank me later."

Ben, VP of Brand, Rhone.

While this post is NOT sponsored, the team at Monkii is giving Pursuit readers 25% off their first purchase with the code QUITTHEGYM or you can just click here

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