Well, it's official. The Eclipse has taken over this week and what better way to celebrate the moon covering the sun for a few seconds than a good old fashioned EMOM.

If that term sounds more like a Star Wars character and less like a workout, you are in for a surprise. EMOM stands for "Every minute on the minute" meaning for each exercise (or in this case set of exercises) you have exactly one minute to complete the rep scheme and the remainder of the minute to rest.

EMOM is a surprisingly simple and yet immensely effective way to program a total body, fat-burning and muscle-building workout. So if you want to avoid eye-damage all together or if you are looking to change up your standard fitness routine, we invite you to give this a shot.

EMOM for the Eclipse

- General warm-up - Run, Bike or Row at an easy to moderate pace for 10 mins

- Round 1 - 5 Rounds EMOM

5 Burpee Pull-Ups - Start by doing a standard burpee directly below a pull up bar, complete the jumping portion of the burpee while grabbing the pull up bar in a palms away grip and pull your chest to the bar. Lower and repeat, completing all 5 reps within the minute

Rest 1 Minute

Round 2 - 5 Rounds EMOM

10 Squat Jumps + 10 Push-Ups - Perform a normal squat, maintaining good form throughout but at the top of the squat explode up, sending your hips through and jump up. Land with soft knees and immediately proceed to do another squat jump. Both the squat jumps and push-ups must be completed within the minute.

Rest 1 Minute

Round 3 - 5 Rounds EMOM

12 DB Thrusters - Pick a moderate weight, holding the DB's above your shoulders and sinking into a squat. Explode upwards and press the DB's at the top of the movement.

Cool Down with 10 minutes of stretching or light cardio

    There you have it, the perfect EMOM to commemorate the Eclipse. Let us know how it goes for you!

    Aug 21, 2017 | HEALTH