When we made the Rhone Commuter pant, we wanted to make you a product that can keep up with your daily hustle, but we know that can be impossible when they’re getting in the way.

So we put our heads together, talked to our developers, and created a service we are sure you'll love. Part of our brand ethos is constantly pushing ourselves to be better and sometimes that means solving problems others won't tackle.

Another large part is listening to our customers. We want you to know that we hear you.

The service is really simple. Here's how it works:

- Select your waist size (we recommend sizing down at least one waist size, possibly two sizes depending on your ice cream consumption in the next month)

- Then, select your desired hem length at the prompt below waist size and proceed to checkout.

- If you’re unsure about your size, we suggest ordering a pair first and getting them hemmed by a trusted tailor. This is because when we hem the pants prior to shipment, there are no returns or exchanges.

- It will require an extra 5-7 business days to ship out your entire order, but your pants will arrive hemmed to your exact inseam request.

    Upon receiving them you might feel the urge to tell all of your friends via every social media network that the Commuter pant is "The pinnacle of both style and performance." and that "Everyone should get a pair." Which, you are welcome to do but it's not required.

    And just in case you haven't heard about these amazing pants, sit down and grab a note pad because school is in session.

    We included a built-in gusset to keep the "boys" safe, plenty of pockets for safe storage and a warp knit fabric that has just the right amount of stretch. Because you never know when you'll have to do burpees in the boardroom or hurdle a subway turnstyle (FYI - don't do that, it's illegal).

    They are so good, in fact, that they might be the only pants you actually want to wear.

    So go ahead and treat yourself. Hemming is on us.

    Have any other questions? Shoot us an email at service@rhone.com and one of our Customer Service representatives will respond as soon as possible.