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Taking a vacation this summer with no access to a gym? Never fear, this workout can be done anywhere from a parking garage to a hotel room as it requires no equipment.


30 seconds work / 15 seconds rest / 3 sets

Complete each movement in round 1 and then start back at the top for 3 total sets of each movement. Rest 2 minutes between sets. Repeat for rounds 2 and 3.

Round 1

Clapping Plyo Push-ups (if you can't do this for the full interval, switch to normal push ups or hold a high plank).
Pulse Squats
Single-Leg V-Ups
Jumping Lunges

    Round 2

    T Push-ups with a 1 Second Hold 
    Prison Jacks
    Jump Squats

      Round 3

      Dive Bomb Push-Ups
      Wall Sits
      Toe Touches
      Give yourself a clap on the back, because you did it! Keep up the good work, and don't forget, #ForeverForward.

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