2020 metabolic kickstarter

When we say we want to kick the new decade off right, we mean it. And how could you possibly kick off a new decade without going big? We asked our friends at Clean Simple Eats Fit to put together a new decade workout that will kickstart your fitness regime for the next 10 years. It's that good. So, without further ado, here is your 2020 metabolic kickstarter. Let's get after it. 

Complete 20 reps of EACH of the 20 exercises in each round. Once you’re done with round 1, start back at the top for round 2 and complete 20 more reps of each movement. Repeat through all 5 rounds! After you’ve completed all 5 rounds and 2,000 reps, you’ve got dessert! Tack on 20 burpees to finish things off for a total of 2020 reps bringing in the new decade right!

Not sure how to do each exercise? We've put together a gif guide below so you can see how to perform each exercise. Good luck! 

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