5 meditation documentaries you should watch

We know, we know. It sounds counterintuitive to tell you to watch documentaries about mediation instead of, well, just meditating. But hear us out. We aren't the experts, but in starting anything, we have found it is helpful to read up (or watch up in this case) and learn from the experts. This list of documentaries is for those who are new to the practice (perhaps as you participate in The 12 Pursuits) or coming back to the practice after a long break. Honestly, even if you're a seasoned veteran to meditation (and if so, we truly applaud you), this list is for you. So without further ado, here are the meditation-focused documentaries we are watching this month. 


1. Headspace's Guide to Meditation

This 9 episode series takes a lighthearted and approachable look at the benefits of meditation. They cover tips, techniques, and provide guided meditations to get your practice started. They talk kindness, anger, anxiety, letting go, and more. 

Available on Netflix


2. The Mind Explained: Mindfulness Episode

Looking for something a little shorter than a full-length feature? This one's for you. The Mind Explained goes through various aspects of how things can impact your brain, in particular, mindfulness and meditation. They dive into how meditation impacts both your mind and your body and a bit of the chemistry behind it. 

Available on Netflix


3. On Meditation

This hour long movie is a compilation of different stories and the impact meditation had on each of them, their journeys and what a personal experience it is for each person.

Available on Amazon


4. The Mindfulness Movement

Recently released last November, The Mindfulness Movement profiles and dives into the growing number of people focused on mindfulness and how it's an idea that is quickly becoming widely practiced. It talks about how mindfulness and meditation can create a happier healthier self, which creates happier, healthier societies and a happier and healthier world.  

Available on Amazon 


5. Meditation and Going Beyond Mindfulness - A Secular Perspective

This is a recorded public talk by meditation master Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche at the London School of Economics in 2018. He speak to the how, the why, and answers questions while helping you understand the intricacies and the simplicity of meditation. 

Watch on YouTube


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