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A 4th of July Sweat of the Week

The 4th of July is usually commemorated with an onslaught of hot dogs, patriotism and adult beverages, the combination of which will certainly lead to a few fireworks of your own. So why not at least start the day out right with a good sweat?

As with any circuit workout, we recommend that you do 10 minutes of light cardio as a general warm-up, then 5-10 minutes of specific warm-up movements, dynamic movements and stretching as well as a 10 minute cool down at the conclusion of the workout.

Let’s get down to business…

A few notes on this workout and the movements required:

Row - Whatever your previous experience on a rower, what you want here is a good, consistent place and a low stroke rate. There is no need to sprint out of the gate as you will be doing 4 of these 1K meter rows. Just improve on each leg and make the 4th row your best of the day.

Burpee Pull-Ups - While the ultimate goal may be speed and efficiency, form is key here. These are best done on a bar about 8 ft. high and attempting to touch your chest to the bar. Just peeking your chin over the bar isn’t quite good enough. Stay in control and stick to form. Check out this video if you need pointers on form.

Back Squats - Please note by “bodyweight” that we mean the amount on the bar should equal your bodyweight. So if you weigh a 185 lb., you will be guessed it 185 lbs! Keep the chest up, hips go back into a proper squat and get to parallel or lower.

DB Manmakers - While there seems to be many variations and opinions on how to do these, we think a proper manmaker goes something like this:

- Start by standing with a 25 lb. dumbbell in each hand

- Squat down and place the weights on the floor at roughly shoulder width

- While gripping the weights do a full push-up, chest touching the floor

- With little or no turning your hips, do one full row with each hand

- Follow the rows with another full push-up

- Jump or walk your feet in

- Stand up with a flat back, explosively extending the hips, cleaning the weights to your shoulders

- Go into a full front squat and at the top of your squat, bring the weights to an overhead press position

- Lower the weights and start again

Here is a great video with some pointers on form from Jeff Rizzo.

Work up some serious sweat before the fireworks start and make our forefathers proud!

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