for the sultan of stretch

On the hunt for something for the yoga enthusiast who spends more time on their yoga mat than they do elsewhere? You've come to the right place. Check out our line up of yoga favorites to satisfy your Sultan of Stretch from one class to the next.



Shorts engineered for every way you move, our 7” Guru short is ready to help you master your next class with ease.

$78 // ASPHALT

(more colors available online)



Comfort, performance, and the wherewithal to take on any workout, the Reign feels like your favorite vintage college tee but performs like a cutting-edge synthetic tee.  


(more colors available online)


A tank that is pure performance, the Sentry tank offers a greater range of motion so you can conquer every movement your workout throws at you.
$54 // BLACK

This rubberized 25 oz. bottle keeps water clean and cool for a full 24 hours or piping hot for 12 hours. Perfect for the gym, hikes and everyday use. Features a looped cap for easy carrying, and made to fit into any standard cupholder or backpack.
$28 // BLACK


Looking to add more to your or a loved one's yoga arsenal? Take our gifting quiz to see more options from our Training Collection.

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