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Four 4th of July Recipes

Fourth of July is tomorrow - and chances are, you are entertaining or heading to an event. Don’t be unprepared! In a time crunch, the barbecue is your best bet for delicious and easy cuisine. We rounded up a few different ideas to help you prepare for tomorrow’s holiday festivities.

Unique Burger Recipes

The hamburger is a classic, and chances are, you can’t go wrong with making a few for those you are spending the holiday with. However, if you are feeling extra adventurous for America’s 240th birthday, feel free to spice up your burger. There are so many different options - think chicken, turkey, or even seafood burgers. Within these different types of meat, leverage different spices to call from different cuisines - mexican, greek, and mediterranean flavors make great choices. Providing a hefty selection of toppings also can add to the creativity of your burger, as well as opting for different sauces as opposed to the standard ketchup and mustard condiments. Here are more variations on the classic burger. 

Seafood Kabobs

Seafood is always a refreshing option in the summer - head to the supermarket and pick up some fresh fish, skewer it, and throw it on the barbecue. Shrimp, salmon and scallions, among many other options, are super easy to quickly season and cook. To complete the kabob, add vegetables or other complementary foods. Eggplant, peppers, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, zucchini… the list goes on and on, and creativity is a bonus here. Here is a basic recipe for a starting point and ideas on how to season the fish. From there, choose your own ingredients and fire up the grill.

Grilled Flatbreads

If meat and seafood aren’t your thing, there are other options for a great grilled meal. Go the vegetarian route and use the grill to heat up some flatbreads to make personal pizzas. These can serve as an appetizer option or make larger flatbreads and serve as a full meal. A flatbread provides plenty of freedom - while pizza is the traditional route, also feel free to use leftover ingredients in your kitchen for creative concoctions. View a bunch of options to create the perfect flatbread here.

And for after dinner...

S’mores without a Firepit

Want to continue to use your barbecue after the main courses are cooked? S’mores are the perfect way to keep the grill as the centerpiece of your meal. Although most think it is not doable to make S’mores without a firepit, the grill makes it easy and convenient to make this popular treat. Simply grab the classic materials (graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate), set the grill to medium heat, wrap the s’more in heavy-duty foil, and grill for four to five minutes. Full details can be found here.

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