love rhone and podcasts? we've got a treat for you

As we celebrate International Podcast Day today, we've rounded up our favorite podcasts we've been listening to lately. You can read that here.

And because we know you love podcasts AND Rhone, we put together a list of our top 5 favorite podcasts featuring our fearless leader and CEO, Nate Checketts. Check them out below and have a listen. We promise you won't be disappointed.


1. Excuse the Disruption with Dan Cox 

Details: Nate Checketts has an amazing story and mindset around building one of the most disruptive companies in the Men's Clothing space. He built the brand around the idea of being the absolute best in the category.  His story is a great entrepreneurs tail that has lead to the growth of this iconic company. In this episode, Nate tells his story, gives some great advice for business and life and talks about his journey and involvement as a Type 1 Diabetic and the Chairman of Beyond Type 1. 



2.  The James Harrisson Show

Details: How Nate used a 2-hour commute to his job at the NFL to build Rhone apparel on the side.

How he launched his business and generated $80k sales in the first 2 months without spending any money on advertising

Why raising money can be a massive distraction for founders, and how he thinks about taking on investors after raising over $20 Million for Rhone



3. The Jimmy Rex Show

Details: Nate shares the how and the why behind his booming men's clothing line.



4. Loose Threads

Details: Rhone engineers performance lifestyle products for men. We talk with co-founder and CEO Nate Checketts about Rhone balanced its eCommerce and wholesale channels early on how it has evolved the business from activewear to broader performance products for men. The Loose Threads Podcast features in-depth discussions with leaders across the rapidly changing consumer economy.



5. Midlife Male with Greg Scheinman

Details: Nate and Greg talk about Rhone, Nate's upbringing, entrepreneurship, how he structures life and stays organized, and where Rhone is headed next.





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