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How to Crush Your Marathon Goals

A Panel Discussion Hosted by JackRabbit & Rhone.

About the event

Join Rhone Co-Founder & CEO, Nate Checketts, as he speaks with industry experts for marathon tips, including how to deal with tapering jitters, pacing advice, nutrition, your race-day plan and the long-awaited recovery.

This panel will be geared towards beginners but open and free for anyone to attend.



October 18, 2018



JackRabbit Columbus Circle

10 Columbus Circle

New York, NY 10019


John Henwood


2004 Olympian

Coach, Mile High Run Club


John Henwood competed in the 2004 Olympic Games in the 10,000m’s for New Zealand and finished 13th in the New York Marathon 2005. John is a Running Coach, strength Coach and owner of Henwoods Hounds Racing Team which comprises runners of all abilities from Olympic Trials runners to Beginners. John is also in charge of the Mile High Run Clubs outdoor Marathon program for the New York City Marathon.

Andy Speer



Peloton Tread Instructor


Andy Speer is an accomplished personal trainer with a technique-centered approach that draws from his background in gymnastics and track, and his passion for strength training. A celebrated personal trainer and fitness model in NYC before joining Peloton as a Tread instructor, Andy is also the Co-Founder of Soho Strength Lab.

Emily Abbate


Certified Trainer, UESCA Run Coach


Emily Abbate is a New York City-based freelance editor and writer, certified personal trainer, and run coach. A 10-year veteran journalist, her work has been published in SELF, Cosmopolitan, Runner’s World, Glamour, Wall Street Journal, GQ, and Well+Good, among others. When she’s not tapping words to laptop, the six-time marathoner interviews top CEOs and entrepreneurs for her podcast, Hurdle.

Gabriel Cardier


Adaptive Athlete


Gabriel Cardier is a former recreational runner who experienced an almost-fatal motorcycle accident in 2014 that claimed part of his left leg. He had never run a Marathon before, but while he was lying on a hospital bed, he found inspiration in his father who relentlessly fought a bigger battle but succumbed to cancer a couple of years prior. After countless years of physical therapy and virtually learning how to walk again, the year Gabriel got cleared to run by his doctors he completed his first half marathon while raising funds in the memory of his father. Throughout this physical and mental recovery process, Gabriel viewed running not only as a means of physical therapy but as a medium to inspire others. An adaptive athlete, an advocate, a mentor, a supporter of worthy causes and an aspiring source of inspiration, Gabriel’s ultimate goal is to educate society by changing the stigma around the word “disability” and by making people feel less bothered by the presence of it. In 2017 he completed his first NYC marathon. Each mile was dedicated to someone who lived through or was experiencing the hardships of a life with blood cancer.

Dr. Kamraan Husain


Recovery Specialist, Model, Athlete


Dr. Kamraan Husain received his Doctor of Chiropractic from Cleveland University – Kansas City, Kansas in 2013 and has an undergraduate degree in Biology from Kansas State University. He is a second-generation chiropractor, inspired by his mother and cousin. Dr. Kamraan specializes in advanced patient assessment and treatment from the Motion Palpation Institute and is a whiplash and traumatology specialist through the Spine Research Institute of San Diego. Dr. Kamraan is a member of the ACA (American Chiropractic Association) and has recently been published in the Journal of Chiropractic Education for his work with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome. He has ample experience working with Athletes of all levels both at Tone House and in the D10 competition.

Rick Richey



Fitness Industry Educator, Personal Trainer


Rick Richey has been in the fitness industry since 2002 as a certified personal trainer, training manager, educator, orthopedic massage therapist, college and university adjunct professor, fitness industry presenter, as well as a subject matter expert and talent for fitness industry educational videos and written content. Rick has also written chapters in the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Essentials of Personal Training textbook. Rick is the owner of Independent Training Sport, personal training gyms located in NYC, and co-owner of Omnia ReCOVER, fitness and wellness center in NYC.

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