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The Rhone Edge

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In a world of competition, there's no cutting corners. Rhone uses the most innovative materials and advanced technology available. Which is to say that superiority is woven into our very DNA. From cut to color to fabric, an uncompromising commitment to the details is just where we begin.


Whether pounding the pavement during a 5K or busting out countless deadlifts, compression can provide immense support and even aid recovery. So we set out to create the ultimate compression socks. Woven into these socks are nylon to achieve optimal fit and ensure that these socks last and outlast all competitors.

Odor Prevention


All this pushing boundaries and excelling at what you do can, let's face it, produce some serious foot funk. We built these socks with a special antimicrobrial material and wove SilerTech into the fabric to keep nasty smells from settling in. Sweat happens, stink doesn't have to.

Achilles Tread


The problem with traditional no-show socks is the fit. Some are loose around the foot and end up pouring out the top. Others are too small and slip off your heel causing painful blisters. These socks are crafted with nylon to get that perfect fit and our specialized silicone tread that will keep everything exactly where it should be.

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