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The Origin

As a group of busy professionals and passionate athletes, our team became perplexed by the tremendous gap in activewear. Rhone was created to fill that void, speaking directly to how men live, work, and sweat. We wanted clothes that stand up to the test of everyday “transition” times. Whether running errands, jumping on a flight, or pushing hard in the gym, Rhone feels good, looks good, performs better. Ultimately we want to capture that which inspires all of us. Our belief is we can push each other and our product forward each day.

The Name

We are American guys who believe in producing a great product (and where possible made domestically). But we also have been inspired by the places we have traveled. A collective favorite of ours is the Rhone Glacier and Rhone River in Switzerland and France. As an important trade route for the Greek and Roman empires, the Rhone is not only aesthetically beautiful, but was also highly functional for surrounding civilizations, as they grew based on trade. There is something about that current that resonates with us. We want our brand to reflect that strong and classic inspiration: a handsome line that is highly functional, always flowing, and moving #ForeverForward.

The Team

We are a collection of passionate entrepreneurs and creators—men who believe in creating a product that is not only high in function, but one that stands for something that helps men in bettering their own lives. Among our entire team of advisors and founders, we have worked with some of the biggest brands in the world including The NFL, Nike, Adidas, Priceline, ESPN, IMG and Lululemon. And while we have been inspired by their stories and brands, we stand by our own vision and collective ethos.

The Inspiration

We strive to practice what we preach here at Rhone. Pushing boundaries and pushing to be better each and every day. The way we see it, the two really go hand-in-hand. We share in our triumphs, in our own inspirations, and our personal goals as we work to achieve them. As a team and community, we know that we can achieve great things by helping to uplift each other. And we strive to represent that not just in our brand, but in our everyday interactions with each other.