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The Commuter Shirt: Not Your Average Dress Shirt

Always looking to have an exciting or remarkable experience, I wore the Commuter Shirt for a full week and tried to emulate my professional but outdoorsman grandfather. My grandfather had a specific and classic wardrobe. Being an accountant but living in the mountains, daily he wore button-down shirts he deemed “adventure shirts”. Heading out the door to a steak dinner or wearing one jeeping or hiking in the mountains the next day, they were a staple. Always clean and sharp, generally the shirts would be solid color or simply patterned but easily versatile. Talking about his wardrobe, he used to tell me “adventure can happen anywhere” and dammit the guy is right. Even on a definition standpoint Webster states adventure as: “an exciting or remarkable experience”. 

Quickly, I realized it’s uncomplicated to wear an upscale shirt. For instance, I tossed it on before heading out for coffee and rolled the sleeves up. Paired with basic brown shorts, the enhancement to the day’s wear was easy. It’s summertime and depending on where you live, long sleeves are a questionable decision. Not the case here. No stiff fabric. No feelings of confinement. I chased my kid all over the coffee shop, coffee in hand and was free to play. 

Later that night, I rolled the sleeves down, buttoned it up, and headed out with my wife. We met some friends to get margaritas at a spot with an outdoor patio and fire pit. The shirt providing an effortless style enhancement. Maybe my grandfather was onto something. 

I had to work the next few days and my thoughts were in the mountains. I couldn't wear the shirt at the hospital. However, It would have been a welcoming sight to the scratchy scrubs I wear normally. 

Early on a Sunday morning, my cousin and myself drove out to the Long’s Peak Trailhead and set out to climb Mt. Meeker, a moderate 13k foot mountain in the Front Range of Colorado. Temperatures run into the 30’s in the mornings so now long sleeves are a must. This shirt is marketed as commuter-type wear and my plan was to go back and forth up and down this mountain. Hence, I committed to the Commuter Shirt. I only brought it and a raincoat. A smooth accent and 6 miles later we were on top and I was happy to have some moveable fabric plus some wind protection. 

The Commuter Shirt expands far beyond the usual of any other dress shirt. I see it as a coffee shop, errand running, hiking, night out sort of shirt. Also thinking ahead to my next trip to a Scottsdale conference, the packing will be easy. Imagining a single shirt with wide uses even throughout the day is key.  

Commuting in its most common use means going to work. However, it also means simply going “back and forth," a task constantly in our lives to many various locales, not just work. So upgrading our commute simply means upgrading our day. Like my grandfather said, adventure can happen anywhere, so I plan on staying equipped.


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