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What are Rhone's Signature Mind & Muscle Events?

Mental health is a pillar here at Rhone. We understand that our capacity to fully show up in our lives is at risk if we do not prioritize our own and others mental health. As a brand and as individuals, we're committed to breaking the stigma around mental health, specifically when it comes to mens mental health, fostering conversations, and creating safe spaces for men to get vulnerable and feel supported.

Knowing that it can difficult to open up, especially on sensitive subjects, Cameron Ahouse, Rhone's Community Marketing Manager, came up with the idea to merge a physical workout with a mental health workshop to help men feel at ease, connect and make progress. Hear from Cameron himself when it comes to the "why" behind Mind & Muscle.

I started the Mind & Muscle events with the intention of transforming the Rhone stores into safe spaces for men to be open, vulnerable and judgement free.

"As men we need to normalize these conversations. Normalize becoming comfortable in uncomfortable situations. Most of us can handle a tough workout but sitting in a room with other men and sharing your thoughts and being vulnerable is the hard part. We need to understand that we aren’t alone. It doesn’t matter your background or where you are today. We need to break the stigma around men’s mental health and through these localized events we can accomplish this.

Opening up and being vulnerable can be tough and this is what the Rhone Mind & Muscle events are all about.

Last week we held a Mind & Muscle event at the NYC Flatiron store. The question proposed was: what is something that you would take into fatherhood that you learned from your own father and what is something that you wouldn’t and why?

Wow! The answers and feelings shared were incredible.

We started off as a group of strangers and we sweat, we laughed, we listened with intention, we opened up, we cried and most importantly we bonded.

Men need more of this.

We all need more of this.

And Rhone will be at the forefront to provide these safe spaces so we can Brest this stigma."

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