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Bullitt 8" Shorts
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      The gym short just evolved. We made the Bullitt with a flexible, moisture wicking fabric that lasts and outlasts. Comfortable and convenient, the Bullitt boasts plenty of pockets and tons of tenacity.

      Made with: 54% Nylon, 32% Polyester, 14% Polyurethane


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      Tucson, AZ

      Favorite Shorts So Far

      I had a difficult time trying to decide which shorts to buy. Between the Bullitt, OG Bullitt, and the Mako. I think that the material on the Bullitt shorts are my favorite. They are durable, dry fast and have a good amount of stretch to them(Perfect for squats and other flexible movements). The OG Bullitt may dry faster but feels more like swim trunk material if I could compare it to something. It has very little stretch, which may work for some but is not for me going to the gym. However, the OG waistband was nice. The Mako material was more light and airy, very stretchy and softer to the touch. Although they are mostly nylon the added PU makes them feel great. Not like the OG which is almost all nylon. I feel the liner on the Mako is thicker and less supportive than typical compression shorts. Still usable, but not great for the gym, fantastic for running. If you are going to use the Mako for the gym maybe get the un lined version and use with compression shorts. The material matters to me, straight nylon shorts are no different than wearing swim trunks. Straight polyester is no different that wearing soccer shorts or something comparable. The material on the Bullitt is very nice not like any shorts I have ever worn. Mako being second. The pockets are nicer on the Mako, the stash pocket is great for running if you want to throw a few small items in there and keep it minimal. It would be nice to see a back pocket maybe on this Bullitt short or a stash pocket as an optional version but these are not absolutely necessary for the gym. The media pocket does work well, I did a 5 mile run with my phone in my pocket and it did not flop around or bother me. In summary, I am very happy with the Bullitt is a great pair of shorts. My hope is that you guys are not getting away from this design in favor of the OG. I think the regular Bullitt beats the OG hands down. Also, I really want to buy more pairs but the lack of color options has me limited to getting another Mako. So hopefully more colors in the near future. Thanks for making a great product!

      United States

      Had to return the first

      Had to return the first pair but the customer service person was great and got me get the right size. These are great shorts!

      Emmanuel A.
      United States

      Great Quality Product!

      I haven't had my Rhone shorts for too long, but I already love them. These are incredibly comfortable, and the fit is perfect. It is exactly what I've.ñ been looking for in gym shorts. I'll be looking at getting more soon!

      Nikolaos K.
      United States

      Great pair of shorts. Love

      Great pair of shorts. Love the feel and look!

      Roberto Bernardo

      Well Made But...

      I bought two 8' Field Bullitt Shorts and two Bullitt Shorts (and a short sleeve Sentry Shirt) size Medium for my 32" waist. The shorts are one of the most comfortable made PT gear i have used-on par with tLululemon. it seems that the shorts will last through Olympic Lifts but it's too early to tell. I've destroyed several pair of shorts in the last few months doing C&Js/Snatches. The problem with the shorts is the fit. It seems the leg opening is huge and the bottoms flair out making the shorts look baggy which reminded me of my lacrosse shorts when I played in college and Europe. i don't think these shorts need to have that wide of an opening, especially since it will move as a result of the four-way stretch construction. I would prefer that the shorts have a straighter drop and that would allow for a more streamlined look. Finally, by adding side slits, the leg opening could be minimized but probably not necessary unless the inseam was less than 8". I think that if Rhone is marketing itself towards a higher end consumer, the cut of their shorts needs to be changed in my opinion. Their fabrics and construction are well made and the the color schemes are well thought of -I like that they're a "Man alternative" to Lululemon and seem more durable. These are the main reasons I'm keeping the shorts but I don't plan on buying anymore until they change the cut. The Sentry Shirt on the other hand seems almost perfect but that is another story...

      Product Attributes

      4 Way Stretch

      Media Pocket

      Captain's Stitch

      4 Way Stretch

      Fabric that stretches in all directions with your movements providing optimal performance.

      Media Pocket

      An interior pocket built to hold your smartphone with little or no movement during any type of activity.

      Captain's Stitch

      A symbolic cross-stitch which represents the three pillars of our product, namely form, fit and function. A reminder that together we are stronger.

      Tennessee tested.

      The Bullitt 8" shorts are amazing! The comfort is incredible! I ran the Barkley Fall Classic 50k a few days after I bought them and didn't have any problems with chafing, the pockets are deep enough that I didn't have to worry about anything falling out of them. The material when wet is still comfortable and dried really fast! The race I wore them in is very rugged east Tennessee mountains and had a lot of thorns, sliding down steep mud, dirt and rocky hills. These shorts took about 10 hours of abuse - didn't get torn or damaged in any way! This was my first purchase from Rhone and I will definitely be purchasing from them again!

      Steven, Tennessee

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      Bronze Medalist in the 2012 Paralympic Game
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